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annulus (an´yu-lus) [NA]

ring See also ring.
a. abdomina´lis deep inguinal ring
a. cilia´ris ciliary body
a. conjuncti´vae [NA] conjunctival ring
a. femora´lis [NA] femoral ring
a. fibrocartilagin´eus mem´branae tympa´ni [NA] fibrocartilaginous ring of tympanic membrane
a. fibro´sus [NA] 1. fibrous ring of heart 2. a. fibrosus of intervertebral disc
a. fibro´sus cor´dis [NA] fibrous ring of heart
a. fibro´sus dis´ci intervertebra´lis [NA] a. fibrosus of intervertebral disc
a. fibrosus of intervertebral disc the ring of fibrocartilage and fibrous tissue forming the circumference of the intervertebral disc; surrounds the nucleus pulposus, which is prone to herniation when the a. fibrosus is compromised.a. fibrosus disci intervertebralis [NA] , a. fibrosus (2) [NA] , fibrous ring of intervertebral disc, fibrous ring (2);
a. of fibrous sheath annular part of fibrous digital sheath
Haller's a. Haller's insula
a. hemorrhoida´lis hemorrhoidal zone
a. inguina´lis profun´dus [NA] deep inguinal ring
a. inguina´lis superficia´lis [NA] superficial inguinal ring
a. ir´idis ring of iris
a. iridis major greater ring of iris
a. iridis minor lesser ring of iris
a. lymphat´icus car´diae [NA] lymphatic ring of cardiac part of stomach
a. ova´lis limbus fossae ovalis
a. tendin´eus commu´nis [NA] common tendinous ring
a. tympan´icus [NA] tympanic ring
a. umbilica´lis [NA] umbilical ring
a. urethra´lis sphincter vesicae
Vieussens' a. limbus fossae ovalis


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