mesentery (mes´en-ter-e)

1. A double layer of peritoneum attached to the abdominal wall and enclosing in its fold a portion or all of one of the abdominal viscera, conveying to it its vessels and nerves. 2. The fan-shaped fold of peritoneum encircling the greater part of the small intestines (jejunum and ileum) and attaching it to the posterior abdominal wall at the root of the m. (radix mesenterii).mesenterium dorsale commune, mesostenium; mesenterium [NA]; [Mod. L. mesenterium, fr. G. mesenterion, fr. G. mesos, middle, + enteron, intestine]
m. of appendix mesoappendix
m. of cecum mesocecum
m. of lung mesopneumonium
m. of sigmoid colon See mesocolon.
m. of transverse colon See mesocolon.
urogenital m. diaphragmatic ligament of the mesonephros


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