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anomaly (a-nom´a-le)

Deviation from the average or norm; anything that is structurally unusual or irregular or contrary to a general rule. Congenital defects are an example of the definition of anomaly. [G. anomalia, irregularity]
Alder's a. coarse azurophilic granulation of leukocytes, especially granulocytes, which may be associated with gargoylism and Morquio's disease.
Aristotle's a. when a small object is held between the first and second fingers crossed in such a way that it touches or presses upon skin surfaces which ordinarily are not pressed upon simultaneously by a single object, it is perceived falsely as two.
Chédiak-Steinbrinck-Higashi a. Chédiak-Steinbrinck-Higashi syndrome
developmental a. an a. established during intrauterine life; a congenital a.
Ebstein's a. congenital downward displacement of the tricuspid valve into the right ventricle.Ebstein's disease;
eugnathic a. eugnathia
Freund's a. a narrowing of the upper aperture of the thorax by shortening of the first rib and its cartilage; formerly believed to predispose to tuberculosis because of defective expansion of the lung apex.
Hegglin's a. a disorder in which neutrophils and eosinophils contain basophilic structures known as Döhle or Amato bodies and in which there is faulty maturation of platelets, with thrombocytopenia; autosomal dominant inheritance.May-Hegglin a;
May-Hegglin a. Hegglin's a
morning glory a. congenital a. of the optic disk in which the nerve head is funnel-shaped, with a dot of white tissue at the end of the excavation, and is surrounded by an elevated pigmented annulus; the retinal vessels seen are multiple narrow bands at the edge of the disk.
Pelger-Huët nuclear a. [MIM*169400] congenital inhibition of lobulation in the nuclei of neutrophilic leukocytes; most cells present band or bilobulate appearance, and only an occasional cell is trilobed; it is not associated with disease, but may be confused with leukocyte "shift to left"; autosomal dominant inheritance.
Peters' a. anterior chamber cleavage syndrome
Rieger's a. iridocorneal mesodermal dysgenesis
Shone's a. coarctation of the aorta, subaortic stenosis, and stenosing ring of the left atrium found in association with a parachute mitral valve.
Uhl a. right ventricular myocardial aplasia, causing a dilated, thin-walled right ventricle without murmurs; death results in early childhood.


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