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ansa , gen and pl. ansae (an´sa, -se) [NA]

Any anatomical structure in the form of a loop or an arc. See also loop. [L. loop, handle]
a. cervica´lis [NA] a loop in the cervical plexus consisting of fibers from the first three cervical nerves. Fibers from a loop between the C-1 and C-2 spinal nerves accompany the hypoglossal nerve for a short distance, leaving it as the superior root of the a. cervicalis. Fibers from a loop between the C-2 and C-3 spinal nerves form the inferior root of the a. cervicalis. Most commonly, the roots merge, forming the a. cervicalis, which gives rise to branches innervating infrahyoid muscles.cervical loop, loop of hypoglossal nerve;
Haller's a. communicating branch of facial nerve with glossopharyngeal nerve
Henle's a. nephronic loop
a. hypoglos´si former name for a. cervicalis.
lenticular a. lenticular loop
a. lenticula´ris [NA] lenticular loop
ansae nervo´rum spina´lium loops of spinal nerves, under loop
peduncular a. a. peduncularis
a. peduncula´ris [NA] a complex fiber bundle curving around the medial edge of the internal capsule and connecting the anterior part of the temporal lobe (temporal cortex), amygdala, and olfactory cortex with the mediodorsal nucleus of the thalamus; it enters the thalamus as a component of the inferior thalamic peduncle which also contains a major part of the fibers connecting the mediodorsal nucleus to the orbitofrontal cortex.peduncular a., peduncular loop, Reil's a;
Reil's a. a. peduncularis
a. sacra´lis a nerve cord connecting one or both of the sympathetic nerve trunks with the ganglion impar.
a. subcla´via [NA] a nerve cord connecting the middle cervical and stellate sympathetic ganglia, forming a loop around the subclavian artery.subclavian loop, Vieussens' a., Vieussens' loop;
Vieussens' a. a. subclavia


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