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microscopy (mI-kros´ko-pe)

Investigation of minute objects by means of a microscope. See also microscope.
electron m. examination of minute objects by use of an electron microscope.
fluorescence m. a procedure based on the fact that fluorescent materials emit visible light when they are irradiated with ultraviolet or violet-blue visible rays; some materials manifest this property naturally, whereas others may be treated with fluorescent solutions (somewhat analogous to staining); when the absorption of the specimen is in the relatively long ultraviolet range, a filter that transmits these radiations is used, and a yellow filter is placed on or in the ocular; the background field is then dark, and any yellow or red fluorescence becomes visible.
immersion m. See immersion.
immune electron m. electron m. of biological specimens to which specific antibody has been bound.
immunofluorescence m. See immunofluorescence.
Nomarski interference m. See Nomarski optics.
time-lapse m. m. in which the same object (e.g., a cell) is photographed at regular time intervals over several hours.


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