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mitosis, pl. mitoses (mI-to´sis, -sez)

The usual process of somatic reproduction of cells consisting of a sequence of modifications of the nucleus (prophase, prometaphase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase) that result in the formation of two daughter cells with exactly the same chromosome and DNA content as that of the original cell. See also cell cycle.indirect nuclear division, mitotic division; [G. mitos, thread]
heterotype m. a variety of m. in which the halved chromosomes are united at their ends forming ring-like figures. Occurs in the first division of meiosis.
multipolar m. a pathologic form in which the spindle has three or more poles, resulting in the formation of a corresponding number of nuclei.
somatic m. the ordinary process of m. as it occurs in the somatic or body cells, characterized by the formation of the prescribed number of chromosomes, appropriate for the species (in humans the number is 46).


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