mixture (miks´chur)

1. A mutual incorporation of two or more substances, without chemical union, the physical characteristics of each of the components being retained. A mechanical m. is a m. of particles or masses distinguishable as such under the microscope or in other ways; a physical m. is a more intimate m. of molecules, as in the case of gases and many solutions. 2. In chemistry, a mingling together of two or more substances without the occurrence of a reaction by which they would lose their individual properties, i.e., without permanent gain or loss of electrons. 3. In pharmacy, a preparation, consisting of a liquid holding an insoluble medicinal substance in suspension by means of acacia, sugar, or some other viscid material. [L. mixtura or mistura]
Bordeaux m. a plant fungicidal m., comprising copper sulfate (5 parts) and calcium oxide (5 parts) in water (400 parts) freshly mixed; the CaO is added to the CuSO4 solution.
extemporaneous m. a m. prepared at the time ordered, according to the directions of a prescription, as distinguished from a stock preparation.
Seidlitz m. a m. of 3 parts Rochelle salt and 1 part sodium bicarbonate. Ten grams of the m. are employed with 2.17 g tartaric acid for one Seidlitz powder. The powder, which effervesces when placed in water, was widely used as a cathartic.


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