mouth (mowth)

1. oral cavity 2. The opening, usually the external opening, of a cavity or canal. See os (2), ostium, orifice, stoma (2). [A.S. muth]
carp m. a m. like that of the carp, with downturning of the corners; observed in Cornelia de Lange syndrome and Silver-Russel dwarfism.
denture sore m. mucosal erythema underlying a denture base, usually representing inflammation caused by ill-fitting dentures, poor oral hygiene, or Candida albicans.
parrot m. a condition of the horse in which the upper jaw is relatively longer than the lower, resulting in elongation of the upper incisors.
scabby m. orf
sore m. See soremouth.
tapir m. protrusion of the lips due to weakness of the orbicularis oris muscles; seen with some dystrophies.bouche de tapir;
trench m. necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis
m. of the womb external os of uterus


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