mucosa (myu-ko´sa)

A mucous tissue lining various tubular structures, consisting of epithelium, lamina, propria, and, in the digestive tract, a layer of smooth muscle.tunica mucosa [NA], membrana mucosa, mucosal tunics, mucous tunics, mucous membranes; [L. fem. of mucosus, mucous]
alveolar m. the mucous membrane apical to the attached gingiva.
m. of auditory tube the lining coat of the auditory tube.tunica mucosa tubae auditivae [NA];
m. of bronchi the inner coat of the bronchi.tunica mucosa bronchiorum [NA];
m. of ductus deferens the inner layer of the ductus deferens.tunica mucosa ductus deferentis [NA];
esophageal m. the inner coat of the esophagus.tunica mucosa esophagi [NA];
m. of female urethra the inner mucosal layer of the female urethra.tunica mucosa urethrae femininae [NA];
m. of gallbladder the inner coat of the gallbladder.tunica mucosa vesicae biliaris [NA], tunica mucosa vesicae felleae [NA];
gastric m. the mucous layer of the stomach.tunica mucosa gastrica [ventriculi] [NA];
gingival m. that portion of the oral mucous membrane that covers and is attached to the necks of the teeth and the alveolar process of the jaws; it is demarcated from lining m. on the facial aspect by a clearly defined line which marks the mucogingival junction, and, in contrast to the lining m., is keratinized and lighter in color; on the palatal surface, the gingiva blends imperceptibly with the palatal m.
laryngeal m. the mucous coat of the larynx.tunica mucosa laryngis [NA];
lingual m. mucous membrane of the tongue, the mucosa of the dorsum of the tongue appears velvety due to the presence of vast numbers of papillae; that of the inferior surface is smooth and thinner.tunica mucosa linguae [NA];
nasal m. the mucous membrane of the nose; it is continuous with the skin in the vestibule of the nose and with the mucosa of the nasopharynx, the paranasal sinuses, and the nasolacrimal duct, and contains goblet cells; it is subdivided into the regio olfactoria and regio respiratoria.tunica mucosa nasi [NA], membrana pituitosa, pituitary membrane, schneiderian membrane;
olfactory m. epithelium containing nerve cells whose axons form the filaments of the olfactory nerve; the lamina propria contains numerous olfactory glands (Bowman) that open to the surface.
oral m. the mucous membrane of the oral cavity, including the gingiva.tunica mucosa oris [NA];
pharyngeal m. the mucous coat of the pharynx.tunica mucosa pharyngis [NA];
respiratory m. pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium with goblet cells and a lamina propria containing, in addition to connective tissue, numerous seromucous glands and in some regions many thin-walled veins which line the airways. See region of respiratory mucosa.
m. of seminal vesicle the mucous membrane of the seminal vesicle.tunica mucosa vesiculae seminalis [NA];
m. of small intestine the mucous coat of the small intestine.tunica mucosa intestini tenuis [NA];
tracheal m. the inner mucous layer of the trachea.tunica mucosa tracheae [NA];
m. of tympanic cavity the mucous layer of the tympanic cavity and the structures in it.tunica mucosa cavitatis tympani [NA], mucous membrane of tympanic cavity;
m. of ureter the inner layer of the ureter.tunica mucosa ureteris [NA];
m. of urinary bladder the inner coat of the urinary bladder.tunica mucosa vesicae urinariae [NA];
m. of uterine tube the mucous layer of the uterine tube.tunica mucosa tubae uterinae [NA];
vaginal m. the mucous membrane of the vagina.tunica mucosa vaginae [NA];


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