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mutant (myu´tant)

1. A phenotype in which a mutation is manifested. 2. A gene that is rare and usually harmful, in contrast to a wild-type gene, not necessarily generated recently.
active m. a m. with overt phenotypic expression.
amber m. a m. with a mutation resulting in a UAG codon.
auxotrophic m. m. with a nutritional requirement not present in the wild type organism.defective organism, deficiency m;
cold-sensitive m. a m. that is defective at low temperature but functional at normal temperature. Cf. temperature-sensitive m.
conditional-lethal m. conditionally lethal m
conditionally lethal m. a viral m. that can replicate under some (permissive) conditions but not under other (restrictive or nonpermissive) conditions, the parent (wild type) strain being able to replicate under both conditions. See suppressor-sensitive m., temperature-sensitive m.conditional-lethal m;
deficiency m. auxotrophic m
inactive m. a m. that is not phenotypically manifest.silent m;
petite m. a m. with a mutation that caused the microorganism to grow very slowly or to form small colonies. [Fr. small]
quick-stop m. a bacterial m. that ceases replication immediately when the temperature reaches a certain level. Cf. temperature-sensitive m.
silent m. inactive m
suppressor-sensitive m. a conditionally lethal, host range, bacteriophage m. that produces nonsense codons and can replicate only in a host bacterium able to translate the nonsense codon; the mutation's effects are lethal (i.e., prevent replication of the virus) in a bacterium without such a suppressor mechanism.
temperature-sensitive m. a viral m. that is able to replicate at one portion of a temperature range but not at another, the parent (wild type) strain being able to replicate over the whole temperature range. Cf. cold-sensitive m., quick-stop m.
uninducible m. a m. that cannot be induced.
virulent phage m. a m. of a phage that is unable to establish lysogeny.


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