needle (ne´dl)

1. A slender, usually sharp-pointed, instrument used for puncturing tissues, suturing, or passing a ligature around an artery. 2. A hollow n. used for injection, aspiration, biopsy, or to guide introduction of a catheter into a vessel or other space. 3. To separate the tissues by means of one or two n.'s, in the dissection of small parts. 4. To perform discission of a cataract by means of a knife n. [M.E. nedle, fr. A.S. naedl]
aneurysm n. , artery n. a blunt-pointed, curved n., set in a handle, with the eye at the point, used for passing a ligature around an artery.
aspirating n. a hollow n. used for withdrawing fluid from a cavity, when combined with an aspirator tube attached to one end.
atraumatic n. an eyeless surgical n. with the suture permanently fastened into a hollow end.
biopsy n. a hollow n. used to obtain a core of tissue for histologic study.
cataract n. knife n
couching n. an obsolete instrument used in couching.
cutting n. a surgical n. with angulated surface designed to puncture tough tissue.
Deschamps n. a n. with a long shaft for passing sutures in the deep tissues.
Emmet's n. a strong n. with the eye in the point, having a wide curve, and set in a handle, used to pass a ligature around an undissected structure.
exploring n. a strong n. with a longitudinal groove, which is thrust into a tumor or cavity to determine the presence of fluid, the latter escaping externally along the groove.
Francke's n. a small lancet-shaped spring-activated n., used to evacuate a small effusion of blood.
Frazier's n. a n. for draining lateral ventricles of brain.
Gillmore n. a device for obtaining the setting time of dental cement.
Hagedorn n. a curved surgical n. flattened on the sides.
hypodermic n. a hollow n., similar to but smaller than an aspirating n., attached to a syringe; used primarily for injection.
knife n. a very narrow, needle-pointed knife used in discission of a cataract.cataract n;
lumbar puncture n. a n., provided with a stylet, for entering the spinal canal or cisterna magna, with a bore of at least 1 mm and 40 mm or more in length.
Millner n. a fine, non-cutting n. with eye for thread frequently used for suture of skin.
Salah's sternal puncture n. a wide-bore n. for obtaining samples of red marrow from the sternum.
spatula n. a minute n. with a flat (non-cutting) concave surface, used by eye surgeons.
stop-n. a surgical n., with the eye at the tip, the shank of which has a projecting shelf to arrest the n. when it has passed the desired distance through the tissues.
Tuohy n. a n. with a lateral opening at the distal end, designed to cause a catheter passing through the n.'s lumen to exit laterally at a 45° angle; used to place catheters into the subarachnoid or epidural space.
Veress n. a n. equipped with a spring loaded obturator that is used for insufflation of the abdomen in laparoscopic surgery.
Vicat n. a device for obtaining the setting time of plaster and other materials.


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