network (net´werk)

1. A structure bearing a resemblance to a woven fabric. A network of nerve fibers or small vessels.rete (1) [NA], net; See also reticulum. 2. The persons in a patient's environment, especially as significant for the course of the illness.
acromial arterial n. a vascular n. between the acromion and the skin of the shoulder, formed by anastomoses of the acromial branch of the suprascapular artery with the acromial branch of the thoracoacromial artery.rete acromiale [NA], acromial plexus;
arteriolar n. a vascular network formed by anastomoses between minute arteries just before they become capillaries.rete arteriosum [NA];
articular n. articular vascular n See plane joint.
articular vascular n. a vascular n. in the neighborhood of a joint, where such arrangements are common, enabling a collateral circulation by which blood will be supplied distal to the joint regardless of compromises resulting from joint position.circulus articularis vasculosus [NA], rete vasculosum articulare [NA], articular n;
articular vascular n. of elbow vascular networks in the region of the elbow, composed of anastomoses between branches of the radial and middle collateral, superior and inferior ulnar collateral, radial recurrent, interosseous recurrent, and recurrent ulnar arteries.rete articulare cubiti [NA];
articular vascular n. of knee an arterial network over the front and sides of the knee, formed by branches of the descending genicular artery, of the five genicular arteries from the popliteal, of the anterior tibial recurrent, and of the fibular circumflex branch of the posterior tibial.rete articulare genus [NA];
calcaneal arterial n. a superficial network over the calcaneus, formed by branches of the peroneal and posterior tibial arteries and twigs from the malleolar retia.rete calcaneum [NA];
chromatin n. the appearance of basophilic material in the nuclei of many cells after fixation. See also chromatin.
dorsal carpal n. a vascular network over the dorsal surface of the carpal joints, formed by anastomoses of branches of the anterior and posterior interosseous, and dorsal carpal branches of the radial and ulnar arteries.rete carpi dorsale [NA], rete carpi posterius;
dorsal venous n. of foot a superficial network of fine veins on the dorsum of the foot.rete venosum dorsale pedis [NA];
dorsal venous n. of hand a superficial network of veins on the dorsum of the hand emptying into the cephalic and the basilic veins.rete venosum dorsale manus [NA];
lateral malleolar n. a network over the lateral malleolus formed by branches of the posterior lateral malleolar, anterior lateral malleolar, peroneal, and lateral tarsal arteries.rete malleolare laterale [NA];
linin n. See linin (3).
medial malleolar n. a network over the medial malleolus formed by branches from the anterior and posterior medial malleolar and medial tarsal arteries.rete malleolare mediale [NA];
neurofibrillar n. the intertwined patterns formed by neurofibrils in the neuron.
patellar n. the superficial portion of the articular vascular network of the knee.rete patellae [NA];
peritarsal n. the lymphatic vessels along the margin of the eyelid.
plantar venous n. a fine superficial venous network in the sole of the foot.rete venosum plantare [NA];
Purkinje's n. the n. formed by Purkinje's fibers beneath the endocardium.
subpapillary n. the capillary blood vessels in the deeper layers of the skin.
trabecular n. trabecular reticulum


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