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neuralgia (nu-ral´je-a)

Pain of a severe, throbbing, or stabbing character in the course or distribution of a nerve.neurodynia; [neur- + G. algos, pain]
atypical facial n. atypical trigeminal n
atypical trigeminal n. periodic pain in any region of the face, teeth, tongue, and occasionally in the occipital or shoulder area, which lasts several minutes to several days but has no trigger point and lacks the paroxysmal character of tic douloureux.atypical facial n;
epileptiform n. trigeminal n
facial n. trigeminal n
n. facia´lis ve´ra geniculate n
Fothergill's n. trigeminal n
geniculate n. a severe paroxysmal lancinating pain deep in the ear, on the anterior wall of the external meatus, and on a small area just in front of the pinna.geniculate otalgia, Hunt's n., n. facialis vera;
glossopharyngeal n. paroxysmal lancinating pain in the throat or palate.glossopharyngeal tic;
hallucinatory n. an impression of local pain persisting after an attack of n. has ceased.
Hunt's n. geniculate n
idiopathic n. nerve pain not due to any apparent cause.
intercostal n. pain in the chest wall due to n. of one or more of the intercostal nerves.
mammary n. n. of the intercostal nerve or nerves supplying the breast.
Morton's n. n. of an interdigital nerve, usually the anastomotic branch between the medial and lateral plantar nerves, resulting from compression of the nerve by the metatarsophalangeal joint.
occipital n. See posttraumatic neck syndrome.
periodic migrainous n. recurrent facial pain and headache, more common in men than in women.Harris' migraine;
red n. erythromelalgia
sciatic n. sciatica
Sluder's n. sphenopalatine n
sphenopalatine n. n. of the lower half of the face, with pain referred to the root of the nose, upper teeth, eyes, ears, mastoid, and occiput, in association with nasal congestion and rhinorrhea occurring in infection of the nasal sinuses, and produced by lesions of the sphenopalatine ganglion; ocular hyperemia and excessive lacrimation may occur.Sluder's n;
stump n. pain experienced as coming from an absent part, caused by irritation of neuromas in the scarred tissue of an amputation stump.
suboccipital n. See posttraumatic neck syndrome.
supraorbital n. n. of the supraorbital nerve.
symptomatic n. n. occurring as a symptom of some local or systemic disease not involving primarily nerve structures.
trifacial n. trigeminal n
trigeminal n. severe, paroxysmal bursts of pain in one or more branches of the trigeminal nerve; often induced by touching trigger points in or about the mouth.epileptiform n., facial n., Fothergill's disease (1), Fothergill's n., prosopalgia, prosoponeuralgia, tic douloureux, trifacial n., trismus dolorificus;


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