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neuritis, pl. neuritides (nu-rI´tis, nu-rit´i-dez)

1. Inflammation of a nerve. 2. neuropathy [neuri- + G. -itis, inflammation]
adventitial n. inflammation of the sheath of a nerve. See also perineuritis.
ascending n. inflammation progressing upward along a nerve trunk in a direction away from the periphery.
axial n. parenchymatous n
brachial n. brachial plexus neuropathy
central n. parenchymatous n
descending n. inflammation progressing downward along a nerve trunk in a direction toward the periphery.
Eichhorst's n. interstitial n
endemic n. beriberi
fallopian n. facial paralysis
interstitial n. inflammation of the connective tissue framework of a nerve.Eichhorst's n;
intraocular n. inflammation of the retinal portion of the optic nerve.
Leyden's n. fatty degeneration of the fibers of the affected nerve.
multiple n. polyneuropathy
occipital n. See posttraumatic neck syndrome.
optic n. inflammation of the optic nerve. See also neuromyelitis optica, retrobulbar n., papillitis.
parenchymatous n. inflammation of the nervous substance proper, the axons, and myelin.axial n., central n;
retrobulbar n. optic n. without swelling of the optic disk.
sciatic n. sciatica
segmental n. 1. inflammation occurring at several points along the course of a nerve; 2. segmental demyelinating neuropathy
suboccipital n. See posttraumatic neck syndrome.
toxic n. n. caused by an endogenous or exogenous toxin.
traumatic n. nerve lesion following an injury.


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