node (nod)

1. A knob or nodosity; a circumscribed swelling; in anatomy, a circumscribed mass of tissue. 2. A circumscribed mass of differentiated tissue. 3. A knuckle, or finger joint.nodus [NA]; [L. nodus, a knot]
anterior tibial n. anterior tibial lymph node
n. of Aschoff and Tawara atrioventricular n
atrioventricular n. (A-V n.) a small node of modified cardiac muscle fibers located near the ostium of the coronary sinus; it gives rise to the atrioventricular bundle of the conduction system of the heart.nodus atrioventricularis [NA], n. of Aschoff and Tawara, Tawara's n;
Babès' n.'s collections of lymphocytes in the central nervous system found in rabies.
buccinator n. , buccal n. buccal lymph node
n. of Cloquet one of the deep inguinal lymph n.'s located in or adjacent to the femoral canal; sometimes mistaken for a femoral hernia when enlarged.Rosenmüller's gland, Rosenmüller's n;
coronary n. the uppermost part of the atrioventricular n.
cystic n. cystic lymph node
delphian n. a midline prelaryngeal lymph node, adjacent to the thyroid gland, enlargement of which is indicative of thyroid disease or early metastasis from the subglottic larynx.
diaphragmatic n.'s superior phrenic lymph nodes, under lymph node
ductus n.'s the highest nodes in a left pneumonectomy specimen that lie on the upper aspect of the left main branches and are accessed by dividing the ligamentum arteriosum.
Dürck's n.'s perivascular chronic inflammatory infiltrates in the brain, occurring in human trypanosomiasis.
epitrochlear n.'s cubital lymph nodes, under lymph node
fibular n. fibular lymph node
Flack's n. sinuatrial n
foraminal n. foraminal lymph node
Haygarth's n.'s exostoses from the margins of the articular surfaces and from the periosteum and bone in the neighborhood of the joints of the fingers, leading to ankylosis and associated with lateral deflection of the fingers toward the ulnar side, which occur in rheumatoid arthritis.Haygarth's nodosities;
Heberden's n.'s exostoses about the size of a pea or smaller, found on the terminal phalanges of the fingers in osteoarthritis, which are enlargements of the tubercles at the articular extremities of the distal phalanges.Heberden's nodosities, Rosenbach's disease (1), tuberculum arthriticum (1);
hemal n. a lymphoid structure in which the blood sinuses are present in place of lymph sinuses; hemal n.'s occur in ruminants and some other mammals, but their presence in humans is questioned.hemal gland, hemolymph gland, hemolymph n., vascular gland;
hemolymph n. hemal n
Hensen's n. primitive n
intermediate lacunar n. intermediate lacunar lymph node
jugulodigastric n. jugulo-digastric lymph node
jugulo-omohyoid n. jugulo-omohyoid lymph node
Keith and Flack n. sinuatrial n
Keith's n. sinuatrial n
Koch's n. sinuatrial n
lateral lacunar n. lateral lacunar lymph node
left gastro-omental n.'s left gastroepiploic lymph nodes, under lymph node
n. of ligamentum arteriosum a lymph n. of the anterior mediastinal group located adjacent to the ligamentum arteriosum.nodus ligamenti arteriosi [NA], lymph node of ligamentum arteriosum;
lymph n. See lymph node.
malar n. malar lymph node
mandibular n.'s mandibular lymph node
medial lacunar n. medial lacunar lymph node
middle rectal n. middle rectal lymph node
milkers' n.'s milkers' nodules, under nodule
nasolabial n. nasolabial lymph node
Osler n. a tender cutaneous lesion, probably of immunopathic origin, characteristic of subacute bacterial endocarditis; small, raised, and discolored, these n.'s usually appear in the pads of fingers or toes.
parietal n.'s parietal lymph nodes, under lymph node
peroneal n. fibular lymph node
posterior tibial n. posterior tibial lymph node
primitive n. a local thickening of the blastoderm at the cephalic end of the primitive streak of the embryo.Hensen's knot, Hensen's n., Hubrecht's protochordal knot, primitive knot, protochordal knot;
Ranvier's n. a short interval in the myelin sheath of a nerve fiber, occurring between each two successive segments of the myelin sheath; at the n., the axon is invested only by short, finger-like cytoplasmic processes of the two neighboring Schwann cells or, in the central nervous system, oligodendroglia cells. See also myelin sheath.
retropyloric n.'s retropyloric lymph nodes, under lymph node
Rosenmüller's n. n. of Cloquet
n. of Rouviere one of the lateral group of retropharyngeal lymph nodes. See retropharyngeal lymph nodes, under lymph node.
S-A n. abbreviation for sinoatrial n.
signal n. a firm supraclavicular lymph n., especially on the left side, sufficiently enlarged that it is palpable from the cutaneous surface; such a lymph n. is so termed because it may be the first recognized presumptive evidence of a malignant neoplasm in one of the viscera. A signal n. that is known to contain a metastasis from a malignant neoplasm is sometimes designated by an old eponym, Troisier's ganglion.jugular gland, Virchow's n;
singer's n.'s vocal cord nodules, under nodule
sinoatrial n. (S-A n.) sinuatrial n
sinuatrial n. the mass of specialized cardiac muscle fibers that normally acts as the "pacemaker" of the cardiac conduction system; it lies under the epicardium at the upper end of the sulcus terminalis.nodus sinuatrialis [NA], atrionector, Flack's n., Keith and Flack n., Keith's n., Koch's n., sinoatrial n., sinus n;
sinus n. sinuatrial n
subdigastric n. jugulo-digastric lymph node
subpyloric n. subpyloric lymph nodes, under lymph node
suprapyloric n. suprapyloric lymph node
Tawara's n. atrioventricular n
teachers' n.'s vocal cord nodules, under nodule
Troisier's n. Troisier's ganglion
Virchow's n. signal n
visceral n.'s visceral lymph nodes, under lymph node
vital n. noeud vital


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