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nodule (nod´yul)

A small node. a small node. See also nodule.nodulus (1) [NA]; [L. nodulus, dim. of nodus, knot]
aggregated lymphatic n.'s Peyer's patches, under patch
Albini's n.'s minute fibrous n.'s on the margins of the mitral and tricuspid valves of the heart, sometimes present in the neonate and representing fetal tissue rests; described previously by Cruveilhier. Cf. n. of semilunar valve.
apple jelly n.'s descriptive term for the papular lesions of lupus vulgaris, as they appear on diascopy.
Arantius' n. n. of semilunar valve
Aschoff n.'s Aschoff bodies, under body
Bianchi's n. n. of semilunar valve
Bohn's n.'s tiny multiple cysts in newborns. They are found at the junction of the hard and soft palates and along buccal and lingual parts of the dental ridges and are derived from epithelial remnants of mucous gland tissue.
Caplan's n.'s Caplan's syndrome
cold n. a thyroid n. with a much lower uptake of radioactive iodine than the surrounding parenchyma; about one in four prove to be malignant.
Dalen-Fuchs n.'s collections of epithelial cells lying between Bruch's membrane and the retinal pigment epithelium in sympathetic ophthalmia and rarely in other granulomatous intraocular inflammations.
enamel n. enameloma
Gamna-Gandy n.'s Gamna-Gandy bodies, under body
Hoboken's n.'s gross dilations on the outer surface of the umbilical arteries. See also Hoboken's valves, under valve.Hoboken's gemmules;
hot n. a thyroid n. with a much higher uptake of radioactive iodine than the surrounding parenchyma; usually benign but sometimes causing hyperthyroidism.
Jeanselme's n.'s a form of tertiary yaws that is characterized by the occurrence of n.'s on the arms and legs, situated usually near the joints.juxta-articular n.'s;
juxta-articular n.'s Jeanselme's n.'s
Lisch n. iris hamartomas typically seen in type 1 neurofibromatosis.Sakurai-Lisch n;
lymph n. lymph folliclelymphatic n;
lymphatic n. lymph n
malpighian n.'s splenic lymph follicles, under follicle
milkers' n.'s an infection of cows' udders by pseudocowpox virus, a member of the Poxviridae, that is transmitted to the fingers and hands of milkers, producing nodules and lymphangitis, and occasionally widespread papular or papulovesicular eruptions; human infection is transferable to uninfected cows.milkers' nodes, paravaccinia, pseudocowpox;
Morgagni's n. n. of semilunar valve
picker's n.'s lichenified skin n.'s seen in prurigo nodularis.
primary n. a lymphatic n. having small lymphocytes and lacking a germinal center.
pulp n. endolith
rheumatoid n.'s subcutaneous n.'s, occurring most commonly over bony prominences, in some patients with rheumatoid arthritis; microscopically, the n.'s are foci of fibrinoid necrosis, surrounded by a palisade of fibroblasts.
Sakurai-Lisch n. Lisch n
Schmorl's n. prolapse of the nucleus pulposus through the vertebral body endplate into the spongiosa of the vertebra.
secondary n. a lymphatic n. having a germinal center.
n. of semilunar valve a nodule at the center of the free border of each semilunar valve at the beginning of the pulmonary artery and aorta.nodulus valvulae semilunaris [NA], Arantius' n., Bianchi's n., corpus arantii, Morgagni's n;
siderotic n.'s Gamna-Gandy bodies, under body
singer's n.'s vocal cord n.'s
Sister Joseph's n. a malignant intra-abdominal neoplasm metastatic to the umbilicus.
solitary n.'s of intestine solitary lymphatic follicles, under follicle
splenic lymph n.'s splenic lymph follicles, under follicle
vocal cord n.'s small, circumscribed, bilateral, beadlike enlargements on the vocal cords caused by overuse or abuse of the voice; often reversible by voice therapy.singer's nodes, singer's n.'s, teachers' nodes;


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