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nomenclature (no´men-kla-chur, no-men´kla-chur)

A set system of names used in any science, as of anatomic structures, organisms, etc. [L. nomenclatura, a listing of names, fr. nomen, name, + calo, to proclaim]
binary n. , binomial n. linnaean system of nomenclature
Cleland n. a n. for representing the binding mechanisms of enzyme-catalyzed reactions; in this n., substrates are represented by the letters A, B, C, etc., while products are represented by P, Q, R, etc., enzyme by E, and modified forms of the enzyme by F, G, etc.; in addition, the number of substrates or products is represented by uni, bi, ter, etc.; thus, an aminotransferase reaction (e.g., alanine transaminase) has a ping-pong bi bi mechanism; glutamine synthetase has been reported to have a random ter ter mechanism. See also entries undersubentries under mechanism


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