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norepinephrine (nor´ep-i-nef´rin)

l-(-)-a-(aminomethyl)-3,4-dihydroxybenzyl alcohol;a catecholamine hormone of which the natural form is d, although the l form has some activity; the base is considered to be the postganglionic adrenergic mediator, acting on alpha and beta receptors; it is stored in chromaffin granules in the adrenal medulla, in much smaller amounts than epinephrine, and secreted in response to hypotension and physical stress; in contrast to epinephrine it has little effect on bronchial smooth muscle, metabolic processes, and cardiac output, but has strong vasoconstrictive effects and is used pharmacologically as a vasopressor, primarily as the bitartrate salt.levarterenol, noradrenaline;
n. bitartrate (-)-a-(aminomethyl)-3,4-dihydroxybenzyl alcohol tartrate. For actions and uses, see n.levarterenol bitartrate, noradrenaline acid tartrate, noradrenaline bitartrate;


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