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objective (ob-jek´tiv)

1. The lens or lenses in the lower end of the body tube of a microscope, by means of which the rays coming from the object examined are brought to a focus.object glass; 2. Viewing events or phenomena as they exist in the external world, impersonally, or in an unprejudiced way; open to observation by oneself and by others. Cf. subjective. [L. ob- jicio, pp. -jectus, to throw before]
achromatic o. an o. that is corrected for two colors chromatically, and one color spherically.
apochromatic o. an o. in which chromatic aberration is corrected for three colors and spherical aberration is corrected for two.
immersion o. a high power o. used with a drop of oil between the lens and the specimen on the slide, allowing a greater numerical aperture; similar lenses are available for use with water as the immersing liquid.


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