ocular (ok´yu-lar)

1. ophthalmic 2. The eyepiece of a microscope, the lens or lenses at the observer end of a microscope, by means of which the image focused by the objective is viewed. [L. oculus, eye]
compensating o. an o. that compensates and corrects for the effects of chromatic aberration in the objective.
Huygens' o. the compound o. of a microscope, composed of two planoconvex lenses so arranged that the plane side of each is directed toward the observer.
o. motor relating to or causing movements of the eyeball.
Ramsden's o. an eyepiece of a microscope, consisting of two planoconvex lenses with convexities turned to each other.
wide field o. an o. that gives a larger than usual field of view and a high eyepoint.


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