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antiserum (an-te-se´rum)

Serum that contains demonstrable antibody or antibodies specific for one (monovalent or specific a.) or more (polyvalent a.) antigens; may be prepared from the blood of animals inoculated parenterally (under certain conditions) with an antigenic material or from the blood of animals and persons that have been stimulated by natural contact with an antigen (as in those who recover from an attack of disease).immune serum;
blood group a.´s see Blood Groups appendix.
heterologous a. an a. that reacts with (e.g., agglutinates) certain microorganisms or other complexes of antigens, even though the a. was produced by means of stimulation with a different microorganism or antigenic material. See also homologous a.
homologous a. an a. in which there is complete correspondence between the content of antibodies and the antigenic material used for producing the a.
monovalent a. See antiserum.
nerve growth factor a. an a. containing antibodies against nerve growth factor; when injected into newborn animals the majority of sympathetic ganglion cells are permanently destroyed, resulting in hypoinnervation of peripheral tissues.NGF a;
NGF a. nerve growth factor a
polyvalent a. See antiserum.
specific a. See antiserum.


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