opening (o´pen-ing)

aperture See also aperture, fossa, ostium, orifice.
access o. access
aortic o. aortic hiatus
cardiac o. cardiac orifice
o. to cerebral aqueduct anus cerebri
esophageal o. esophageal hiatus
o. of external acoustic meatus the orifice of the external acoustic meatus in the tympanic portion of the temporal bone.porus acusticus externus [NA], external acoustic foramen, external acoustic pore, external auditory pore, external auditory foramen, orifice of external acoustic meatus;
external o. of urethra external urethral orifice
femoral o. adductor hiatus
ileocecal o. ileocecal orifice
o. of inferior vena cava the orifice through which the inferior vena cava opens into the right atrium.ostium venae cavae inferioris [NA], orifice of inferior vena cava;
o. of internal acoustic meatus the inner opening of the internal acoustic meatus on the posterior surface of the petrous part of the temporal bone.porus acusticus internus [NA], internal acoustic foramen, internal acoustic pore, auditory pore, internal auditory foramen, orifice of internal acoustic meatus;
internal urethral o. internal urethral orifice
lacrimal o. lacrimal punctum
orbital o. the somewhat quadrangular anterior entrance to the orbit which forms the base of the pyramid-shaped orbital cavity. It is bounded by the sharp supra-, infra-, and lateral orbital margins and a less obvious medial margin on each side of the upper nose.aditus orbitae [NA], aperture of orbit;
pharyngeal o. of auditory tube an opening in the upper part of the nasopharynx about 1.2 cm behind the posterior extremity of the inferior concha on each side.ostium pharyngeum tubae auditivae [NA], pharyngeal o. of eustachian tube;
pharyngeal o. of eustachian tube pharyngeal o. of auditory tube
piriform o. anterior nasal aperture
o. of pulmonary trunk the o. of the pulmonary trunk from the right ventricle, guarded by the pulmonary valve.ostium trunci pulmonalis [NA], pulmonary orifice;
o.'s of pulmonary veins the orifices of the pulmonary veins, usually two on each side, in the wall of the left atrium.ostia venarum pulmonalium [NA];
saphenous o. the opening in the fascia lata inferior to the medial part of the inguinal ligament through which the saphenous vein passes to enter the femoral vein.hiatus saphenus [NA], fossa ovalis (2), saphenous hiatus;
o. of the sphenoidal sinus one of the pair of openings in the body of the sphenoid bone through which the sphenoid sinuses communicate with the sphenoethmoidal recess of the nasal cavity.apertura sinus sphenoidalis [NA], sphenoidal sinus aperture;
o. of superior vena cava the point of entry of the superior vena cava into the right atrium.ostium venae cavae superioris [NA], orifice of superior vena cava;
tendinous o. adductor hiatus
tympanic o. of auditory tube an opening in the anterior part of the tympanic cavity below the canal for the tensor tympani muscle.ostium tympanicum tubae auditivae [NA], tympanic o. of eustachian tube;
tympanic o. of canaliculi for chorda tympani the small canal opening found lateral to the pyramidal eminence in the posterior wall of the middle ear cavity from which the chorda tympani nerve emerges to pass anteriorly between the ossicles accompanied by a branch of the stylomastoid artery.apertura tympanica canaliculi chordae tympani [NA];
tympanic o. of eustachian tube tympanic o. of auditory tube
ureteral o. ureteric orifice
urethral o.'s See external urethral orifice, internal urethral orifice.
uterine o. of uterine tubes uterine ostium of uterine tubes
o. of uterus external os of uterus
vaginal o. vaginal orifice
vertical o. vertical dimension


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