anus , gen. ani , pl. anus (a´nus, -nI, -nus) [NA]

The lower opening of the digestive tract, lying in the cleft between the buttocks, through which fecal matter is extruded.anal orifice; [L.]
artificial a. an opening into the bowel, usually in the right or left flank, as a result of a colostomy.
Bartholin's a. a. cerebri
a. cer´ebri entrance to the cerebral aqueduct (of Sylvius) from the caudal part of the third ventricle.aditus ad aqueductum cerebri, Bartholin's a., opening to cerebral aqueduct;
imperforate a. 1. anal atresia 2. ectopic (1)
a. vesica´lis rectal emptying into the urinary bladder.
vesicalis a. (ve-sI´kal-is) imperforate a. with urinary bladder opening into the a.
vestibular a. , vulvovaginal a. a congenital malformation in which the a. is imperforate but the rectum opens into the vagina just above the vulva.


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