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ovary (o´va-re)

One of the paired female reproductive glands containing the ova or germ cells; the o.'s stroma is a vascular connective tissue containing numbers of ovarian follicles enclosing the ova; surrounding this stroma is a more condensed layer of stroma called the tunica albuginea.ovarium [NA], female gonad, genital gland (2); [Mod. L. ovarium, fr. ovum, egg]
mulberry o. the type of o. produced by the administration of anterior pituitary extracts to immature rats; such an o. contains many more follicles than normal, with the follicles in various stages of development and with prominent corpora lutea on their surfaces, thus the perceived resemblance to a mulberry.
polycystic o. enlarged cystic o.'s, pearl white in color, with thickened tunica albuginea, characteristic of the Stein-Leventhal syndrome; clinical features are abnormal menses, obesity, and evidence of masculinization, such as hirsutism.
third o. an accessory o.


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