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pain (pan)

1. An unpleasant sensation associated with actual or potential tissue damage, and mediated by specific nerve fibers to the brain where its conscious appreciation may be modified by various factors. 2. Term used to denote a painful uterine contraction occurring in childbirth. [L. poena, a fine, a penalty]
after-p.'s See afterpains.
bearing-down p. a uterine contraction accompanied by straining and tenesmus; usually appearing in the second stage of labor.
dream p. hypnalgia
expulsive p.'s effective labor p.'s, associated with contraction of the uterine muscle.
false p.'s ineffective uterine contractions, preceding and sometimes resembling true labor, but distinguishable from it by the lack of progressive effacement and dilation of the cervix.
girdle p. a painful sensation encircling the body like a belt, occurring in tabes dorsalis or other spinal cord disease.
growing p.'s aching p.'s, frequently felt at night, in the limbs of growing children; attributed variously to growth, rheumatic state, faulty posture, fatigue, or ill-defined psychic causes.
hunger p. cramp in the epigastrium associated with hunger.
intermenstrual p. 1. pelvic discomfort occurring approximately at the time of ovulation, usually at the midpoint of the menstrual cycle;midpain; 2. mittelschmerz
intractable p. p. resistant or refractory to ordinary analgesic agents.
labor p.'s rhythmical uterine contractions which under normal conditions increase in intensity, frequency, and duration, culminating in vaginal delivery of the infant.parodynia;
middle p. mittelschmerz
mind p. psychalgia (1)
nerve p. obsolete term for neuralgia.
night p. nyctalgia
organic p. pain caused by an organic lesion.
phantom limb p. See phantom limb.
postprandial p. p. occurring after eating, typical of malignancy in esophagus or stomach.
psychogenic p. somatoform p.; p. which is associated or correlated with a psychological, emotional, or behavioral stimulus.psychalgia (2), somatoform p;
referred p. p. from deep structures perceived as arising from a surface area remote from its actual origin; the area where the pain is appreciated is innervated by the same spinal segment(s) as the deep structure.synalgia, telalgia;
rest p. p. occurring usually in the extremities during rest in the sitting or lying position.
somatoform p. psychogenic p
soul p. psychalgia (1)


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