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apex , gen. apicis , pl. apices (a´peks, ap´i-sis, ap´i-ses) [NA]

The extremity of a conical or pyramidal structure, such as the heart or the lung. [L. summit or tip]
a. of arytenoid cartilage the pointed upper end of the cartilage which supports the corniculate cartilage and the aryepiglottic fold.a. cartilaginis arytenoideae [NA];
a. auric´ulae [NA] tip of auricle
a. cap´itis fib´ulae [NA] a. of head of fibula
a. cartila´ginis arytenoi´deae [NA] a. of arytenoid cartilage
a. cor´dis [NA] a. of heart
a. cor´nus posterio´ris [NA] a. of the posterior horn
a. cus´pidis den´tis [NA] a. of cusp of tooth
a. of cusp of tooth the tip of the peaklike projections from the crown of a tooth.a. cuspidis dentis [NA];
a. of dens the tip of the dens of the axis to which is attached the apical ligament of the dens.a. dentis [NA];
a. den´tis [NA] a. of dens
a. of head of fibula the pointed upper end of the fibular head to which is attached the arcuate popliteal ligament and part of the biceps femoris tendon.a. capitis fibulae [NA] , styloid process of fibula;
a. of heart the blunt extremity of the heart formed by the left ventricle. See apex beat.a. cordis [NA] , vertex cordis;
a. lin´guae [NA] tip of tongue
a. of lung the rounded, upper extremity of each lung that extends into the cupula of the pleura.a. pulmonis [NA];
a. na´si [NA] tip of nose
a. of orbit the posterior part of the orbit into which the optic canal opens; forms the tip of the pyramidal-shaped space.
a. os´sis sa´cri [NA] a. of sacrum
a. par´tis petro´sae ossis temporalis [NA] a. of petrous part of temporal bone
a. of patella the pointed lower end of the patella from which the ligamentum patellae passes to insert on the tibial tuberosity.a. patellae [NA];
a. patel´lae [NA] a. of patella
a. of petrous part of temporal bone the irregular antero-medial extremity of the petrous part on which the anterior end of the carotid canal opens.a. partis petrosae ossis temporalis [NA];
a. of the posterior horn the pointed extremity of each posterior gray column or cornu of the spinal cord.a. cornus posterioris [NA] , caput cornus, tip of posterior horn;
a. pro´statae [NA] a. of prostate
a. of prostate the lowermost part of the prostate, situated above the urogenital diaphragm.a. prostatae [NA];
a. pulmo´nis [NA] a. of lung
a. rad´icis den´tis [NA] tip of tooth root
root a. tip of tooth root
a. of sacrum the tapering lower end of the sacrum that articulates with the coccyx.a. ossis sacri [NA];
a. sat´yri tip of auricle
a. of urinary bladder the junction of the superior and anteroinferior surfaces of the bladder, continuous above with the median umbilical ligament.a. vesicae [NA];
a. vesi´cae [NA] a. of urinary bladder


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