pancreas, pl. pancreata (pan´kre-as, pan-kre-a´ta) [NA]

An elongated lobulated retroperitoneal gland, devoid of capsule, extending from the concavity of the duodenum to the spleen; it consists of a flattened head (caput) within the duodenal concavity, an elongated three-sided body extending transversely across the abdomen, and a tail in contact with the spleen. The gland secretes from its exocrine part pancreatic juice that is discharged into the intestine and from the its endocrine part the internal secretions, insulin and glucagon. [G. pankreas, the sweetbread, fr. pas (pan), all, + kreas, flesh]
p. accesso´rium [NA] accessory p
accessory p. a detached portion of pancreatic tissue, usually the uncinate process, and hence most often found in the vicinity of the head of the pancreas, but may occur within the gut wall (stomach or duodenum).p. accessorium [NA];
annular p. a ring of p. encircling the duodenum, caused by a failure of the embryologic ventral pancreas to migrate to the right of the duodenum.
Aselli's p. Aselli's gland
p. divi´sum a bifid, or divided, p. resulting from a congenital failure of the embryonic primordia to unite completely; each of the portions has its own duct.
dorsal p. that portion of the pancreatic primordium of the embryo that arises as a dorsal bud from the foregut endoderm above the hepatic diverticulum.
lesser p. uncinate process of pancreas
p. mi´nus uncinate process of pancreas
small p. uncinate process of pancreas
uncinate p. , unciform p. uncinate process of pancreas
ventral p. that portion of the primordium of the pancreas that develops, together with the hepatic diverticulum, as a ventral bud from the foregut endoderm.
Willis' p. uncinate process of pancreas
Winslow's p. uncinate process of pancreas


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