papilla, pl. papillae (pa-pil´a, -pil´e) [NA]

Any small nipple-like process.teat (3); [L. a nipple, dim. of papula, a pimple]
acoustic p. spiral organ
Bergmeister's p. a small mass of glial tissue that forms during fetal life a temporary conical investment of the hyaloid artery at its emergence into the vitreous chamber; vestiges of it may persist as a prepapillary membrane.
bile p. major duodenal p
p. of breast nipple
circumvallate p. vallate p
clavate papillae fungiform papillae
conic papillae conical papillae
papil´lae con´icae [NA] conical papillae
conical papillae numerous projections on the dorsum of the tongue, scattered among the filiform papillae and similar to them, but shorter.papillae conicae [NA], conic papillae;
papil´lae co´rii [NA] * official alternate term for dermal papillae
papillae of corium dermal papillae
dental p. a projection of the mesenchymal tissue of the developing jaw into the cup of the enamel organ; its outer layer becomes a layer of specialized columnar cells, the odontoblasts, that form the dentin of the tooth.p. dentis [NA], dentinal p;
dentinal p. dental p
p. den´tis [NA] dental p
dermal papillae the superficial projections of the dermis (corium) that interdigitate with recesses in the overlying epidermis; they contain vascular loops and specialized nerve endings, and are arranged in ridgelike lines best developed in the hand and foot.papillae dermis [NA], papillae corii [NA], papillae of corium;
papil´lae der´mis [NA] dermal papillae
p. duode´ni ma´jor [NA] major duodenal p
p. duode´ni mi´nor [NA] minor duodenal p
filiform papillae numerous elongated conical keratinized projections on the dorsum of the tongue.papillae filiformes [NA];
papil´lae filifor´mes [NA] filiform papillae
papil´lae folia´tae [NA] foliate papillae
foliate papillae numerous projections arranged in several transverse folds upon the lateral margins of the tongue just in front of the palatoglossus muscle.papillae foliatae [NA], folia linguae;
fungiform papillae numerous minute elevations on the dorsum of the tongue, of a fancied mushroom shape, the tip being broader than the base; the epithelium of many of these papillae has taste buds.papillae fungiformes [NA], clavate papillae;
papil´lae fungifor´mes [NA] fungiform papillae
hair p. p. pili
p. incisi´va [NA] incisive p
incisive p. a slight elevation of the mucosa at the anterior extremity of the raphe of the palate.p. incisiva [NA], palatine p;
interdental p. the gingiva that fills the interproximal space between two adjacent teeth.gingival septum, interproximal p;
interproximal p. interdental p
lacrimal p. a slight projection from the margin of each eyelid near the medial commisure, in the center of which is the lacrimal punctum (opening of the lacrimal duct).p. lacrimalis [NA];
p. lacrima´lis [NA] lacrimal p
lenticular papillae folliculi linguales, under folliculus
lingual p. 1. one of numerous variously shaped projections of the mucous membrane of the dorsum of the tongue;p. lingualis [NA]; 2. the lingual portion of the gingiva filling the interproximal space between adjacent teeth; in molar and premolar areas, there may be separate lingual and buccal interdental papillae. See also interdental p.
p. lingua´lis, pl. papil´lae lingua´les [NA] lingual p. (1)
major duodenal p. point of opening of the common bile duct and pancreatic duct into the duodenum; it is located posteriorly in the descending part of the duodenum.p. duodeni major [NA], bile p., p. of Vater, Santorini's major caruncle;
p. mam´mae [NA] nipple
minor duodenal p. the site of the opening of the accessory pancreatic duct into the duodenum, located anterior to and slightly superior to the major p.p. duodeni minor [NA], Santorini's minor caruncle;
nerve p. one of the papillae in the dermis containing a tactile corpuscle or other form of end organ.neurothele;
p. ner´vi op´tici optic disk
optic p. (p) optic disk
palatine p. incisive p
parotid p. the projection at the opening of the parotid duct into the vestibule of the mouth opposite the neck of the upper second molar tooth.p. parotidea [NA];
p. parotid´ea [NA] parotid p
p. pi´li a knoblike indentation of the bottom of the hair follicle, upon which the hair bulb fits like a cap; it is derived from the corium and contains vascular loops for the nourishment of the hair p;
renal p. the apex of a renal pyramid that projects into a minor calyx; some 10 to 25 openings of papillary ducts occur on its tip, forming the area cribrosa.p. renalis [NA];
p. rena´lis, pl. papil´lae rena´les [NA] renal p
retrocuspid p. a small tissue tag located on the mandibular gingiva lingual to the cuspid teeth; usually occurs bilaterally, is more commonly identified in children, and is considered a normal anatomic structure.
tactile p. one of the papillae of the dermis containing a tactile cell or corpuscle.
urethral p. , p. urethra´lis the slight projection often present in the vestibule of the vagina marking the urethral orifice.
p. valla´ta, pl. papil´lae valla´tae [NA] vallate p
vallate p. one of eight or ten projections from the dorsum of the tongue forming a row anterior to and parallel with the sulcus terminalis; each p. is surrounded by a circular trench (fossa) having a slightly raised outer wall (vallum); on the sides of the vallate p. and the opposed margin of the vallum are numerous taste buds.p. vallata [NA], circumvallate p;
vascular papillae dermal papillae containing vascular loops.
p. of Vater major duodenal p


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