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parasite (par´a-sIt)

1. An organism that lives on or in another and draws its nourishment therefrom. 2. In the case of a fetal inclusion or conjoined twins, the usually incomplete twin that derives its support from the more nearly normal autosite. [G. parasitos, a guest, fr. para, beside, + sitos, food]
autistic p. a p. descended from the tissues of the host.autochthonous p;
autochthonous p. autistic p
commensal p. See commensal (2).
euroxenous p. a p. with a broad or nonspecific host range.
facultative p. an organism that may either lead an independent existence or live as a p., in contrast to obligate p.
heterogenetic p. a p. whose life cycle involves an alternation of generations.
heteroxenous p. a p. that has more than one obligatory host in its life cycle.
incidental p. a p. that normally lives on a host other than its present host.
inquiline p. See inquiline.
malignant tertian malarial p. Plasmodium falciparum
obligate p. a p. that cannot lead an independent nonparasitic existence, in contrast to facultative p.
quartan p. Plasmodium malariae
specific p. a p. that habitually lives in its present host and is particularly adapted for the host species.
stenoxous p. a p. with a narrow or specific host range.
temporary p. an organism accidentally ingested that survives briefly in the intestine.
tertian p. Plasmodium vivax


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