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passage (pas´ij)

1. The act of passing. 2. A discharge, as from the bowels or of urine. 3. Inoculation of a series of animals with the same strain of a pathogenic microorganism whereby the virulence usually is increased, but is sometimes diminished. 4. A channel, duct, pore, or opening. [Mediev. L. passo, to pass]
blind p. successive transfer of an agent through cultures or animals without incidence of either replication or disease.
nasopharyngeal p. the posterior part of the nasal cavity from the posterior limits of the conchae to the choanae.meatus nasopharyngeus [NA];
oropharyngeal p. fauces
serial p. successive transfer of an infectious agent through a series of cultures or experimental animals, usually to attenuate pathogenicity.


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