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pedicle (ped´I-kl)

1. A constricted portion or stalk.pediculus (1) [NA]; 2. A stalk by which a nonsessile tumor is attached to normal tissue.pedunculus [NA], peduncle (2); 3. A stalk through which a flap receives nourishment until its transfer to another site results in the nourishment coming from that site. [L. pediculus, dim. of pes, foot]
p. of arch of vertebra the constricted portion of the arch on either side extending from the body to the lamina; bound intervertebral foramina superiorly and inferiorly.pediculus arcus vertebrae [NA], radix arcus vertebrae;
Filatov-Gillies tubed p. tubed flap
vascular p. the tissues containing arteries and veins of an organ, specifically in chest radiology, the (width of the) mediastinum at the level of the aortic arch and superior vena cava.


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