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pelvis, pl. pelves (pel´vis, pel´vez)

1. [NA] The massive cup-shaped ring of bone, with its ligaments, at the lower end of the trunk, formed of the hip bone (the pubic bone, ilium, and ischium) on either side and in front, and the sacrum, and coccyx posteriorly. 2. Any basin-like or cup-shaped cavity, as the p. of the kidney. [L. basin]
android p. a masculine or funnel-shaped p.
anthropoid p. an apelike p., with a long anteroposterior diameter and a narrow transverse diameter.
assimilation p. a deformity in which the transverse processes of the last lumbar vertebra are fused with the sacrum, or the last sacral with the first coccygeal body.
beaked p. osteomalacic p
brachypellic p. a p. in which the transverse diameter is more than 1 cm longer but less than 3 cm longer than the anteroposterior diameter.transverse oval p;
caoutchouc p. in osteomalacia, a p. in which the bones are still soft.rubber p;
contracted p. a p. with less than normal measurements in any diameter.
cordate p. , cordiform p. a p. with sacrum projecting forward between the ilia, giving to the brim a heart shape.heart-shaped p;
Deventer's p. a p. with shortened anteroposterior diameter.
dolichopellic p. a p. in which the anteroposterior diameter is longer than the transverse.longitudinal oval p;
dwarf p. a very small p., in which the several bones are united by cartilage as in the infant.p. nana;
false p. greater p
flat p. a p. in which the anteroposterior diameter is uniformly contracted, the sacrum being dislocated forward between the iliac bones.p. plana;
frozen p. a condition in which the true p. is indurated throughout, especially by carcinoma.hardened p;
funnel-shaped p. a p. in which the pelvic inlet dimensions are normal, but the outlet is contracted in the transverse or in both transverse and anteroposterior diameters.
p. of gallbladder Hartmann's pouch
greater p. the expanded portion of the p. above the brim.p. major [NA], false p., large p., p. spuria;
gynecoid p. the normal female p.
hardened p. frozen p
heart-shaped p. cordate p
inverted p. split p. with separation at pubis.
p. jus´to ma´jor a symmetrical p. with greater than normal measurements in all diameters.
p. jus´to mi´nor a p. of the female type, but with all its diameters smaller than normal.
juvenile p. a p. justo minor in which the bones are slender.
kyphoscoliotic p. a p. with marked anteroposterior curvature of the spine combined with lateral spinal curvature, usually due to severe rickets.
kyphotic p. backward curvature of the lumbar spine causing contraction of pelvic measurements.
large p. greater p
lesser p. the cavity of the p. below the brim or superior aperture.p. minor [NA], p. vera, small p., true p;
longitudinal oval p. dolichopellic p
lordotic p. a deformed p. associated with lordosis.
p. ma´jor [NA] greater p
masculine p. 1. a p. justo minor in which the bones are large and heavy; 2. a slight degree of funnel-shaped p. in the woman, in which the shape approximates that of the male p.
mesatipellic p. obsolete term for one in which the anteroposterior and transverse diameters are equal or the transverse diameter is not more than 1 cm longer than the anteroposterior diameter.round p;
p. mi´nor [NA] lesser p
Nägele's p. an obliquely contracted or unilateral synostotic p., marked by arrest of development of one lateral half of the sacrum, usually ankylosis of the sacroiliac joint on that side, rotation of the sacrum toward the same side, and deviation of the symphysis pubis to the opposite side.
p. na´na dwarf p
p. obtec´ta a form of kyphotic p. in which the angular curvature of the spine is low and extreme so that the spinal column projects horizontally across the inlet of the p.
osteomalacic p. a pelvic deformity in osteomalacia; the pressure of the trunk on the sacrum and lateral pressure of the femoral heads produce a pelvic aperture that is three-cornered or has the shape of a heart or cloverleaf, while the pubic bone becomes beak-shaped.beaked p., rostrate p;
Otto p. Otto's disease
p. pla´na flat p
platypellic p. flat oval p., in which the transverse diameter is more than 3 cm longer than the anteroposterior diameter.
platypelloid p. simple flat p.
Prague p. spondylolisthetic p
pseudo-osteomalacic p. an extreme degree of rachitic p., resembling the puerperal osteomalacic p., in which the pelvic canal is obstructed by a forward projection of the sacrum, and an approximation of the acetabula.
rachitic p. a contracted and deformed p., most commonly a flat p., occurring from rachitic softening of the bones in early life.
renal p. a flattened funnel-shaped expansion of the upper end of the ureter receiving the calices, the apex being continuous with the ureter.p. renalis [NA], ureteric p;
p. rena´lis [NA] renal p
reniform p. a modified cordate p., with a long transverse diameter, giving the brim a kidney shape.
Robert's p. obsolete term for a p. which is narrowed transversely in consequence of the almost entire absence of the alae of the sacrum.
Rokitansky's p. spondylolisthetic p
rostrate p. osteomalacic p
round p. mesatipellic p
rubber p. caoutchouc p
scoliotic p. a deformed p. associated with lateral curvature of the spine.
small p. lesser p
spider p. narrow calices of renal p.
split p. a p. in which the symphysis pubis is absent, the pelvic bones being separated by quite an interval; usually associated with exstrophy of the bladder.
spondylolisthetic p. a p. whose brim is more or less occluded by a forward dislocation of the body of the lower lumbar vertebra.Prague p., Rokitansky's p;
p. spu´ria greater p
transverse oval p. brachypellic p
true p. lesser p
ureteric p. renal p
p. ve´ra lesser p


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