penis, pl. penes (pe´nis) [NA]

The organ of copulation in the male; it is formed of three columns of erectile tissue, two arranged laterally on the dorsum (corpora cavernosa p.) and one median below (corpus spongiosum); the urethra traverses the latter; the extremity (glans p.) is formed by an expansion of the corpus spongiosum, and is more or less completely covered by a free fold of skin (preputium).intromittent organ, membrum virile, phallus, priapus, virga; [L. tail]
bifid p. diphallus
buried p. normal p. obscured by suprapubic fat.
clubbed p. a deformity of the erect p. marked by a curve to one side or toward the scrotum.
concealed p. usually a complication of circumcision wherein the anastomotic line between shaft skin and preputial collar closes like an iris or cicatrix over glans (some equate this to buried penis).
p. femin´eus obsolete term for clitoris.
gryposis p. chordee (1)
p. luna´tus chordee (1)
p. mulie´bris obsolete term for clitoris.
p. palma´tus webbed p
webbed p. deficient ventral penile shaft skin which is buried in scrotum or tethered to scrotal midline by a fold or web of skin. The urethra and erectile bodies are usually normal.p. palmatus, penoscrotal transposition;


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