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apoplexy (ap´o-plek-se)

A classical but obsolete term for a cerebral stroke, most often due to intracerebral hemorrhage. [G. apoplexia]
abdominal a. mesenteric hemorrhage, thrombosis, or embolus involving the mesenteric or abdominal blood vessels.
adrenal a. hemorrhage into the adrenal glands or thrombosis of the adrenal veins, followed by acute adrenal insufficiency, occurring in the Waterhouse-Friderichsen syndrome.
bulbar a. a. due to vascular lesion in the brainstem.
cutaneous a. archaic term for a sudden rush of blood to the skin and subcutaneous tissue.
functional a. a condition simulating a. without any cerebral lesion; a form of conversion hysteria.
heat a. 1. heatstroke 2. ardent fever
labyrinthine a. a clinical syndrome manifested as a single, abrupt attack of severe vertigo, nausea, and vomiting, with permanent loss of labyrinthine function on one side, but without associated hearing loss or tinnitus. Attributed to occlusion of the labyrinthine branch of the internal auditory artery.
neonatal a. intracranial hemorrhage in newborn children.
pituitary a. the sudden onset of visual loss, ophthalmoplegia, and meningeal pain due to infarction of a a. adenoma, producing compression of chiasm and cavernous sinus and some subarachnoid hemorrhage.
spinal a. stroke involving the spinal cord.
splenic a. peracute anthrax often seen in ruminants, in which death occurs very quickly after the appearance of the first signs of the disease; grossly enlarged spleen and capillary hemorrhages are often the only lesions.
uteroplacental a. Couvelaire uterus


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