appendix , gen. appendicis , pl. appendices (a-pen´diks, -di-sis, -di-ses)

1. [NA] appendage 2. Specifically, the vermiform appendix. [L. appendage, fr. ap- pendo, to hang something on]
auricular a. auricle of atrium
a. ce´ci vermiform a
a. epididym´idis [NA] a. of epididymidis
a. of epididymidis a small pedunculated body often attached to the head of the epididymis which is a vestige of the embryonic mesonephric duct.a. epididymidis [NA] , pedunculated hydatid;
epiploic a. a. epiploica
a. epiplo´ica , pl. appen´dices epiplo´icae [NA] one of a number of little processes or sacs of peritoneum filled with adipose tissue and projecting from the serous coat of the large intestine, except the rectum; they are most evident on the transverse and sigmoid colon, being most numerous along the free tenia.epiploic appendage, epiploic a., epiploic tags;
a. fibro´sa hep´atis [NA] fibrous a. of liver
fibrous a. of liver a fibrous process, into which the tip of the left lobe of the liver may taper out, that passes with the left triangular ligament to be attached to the diaphragm.a. fibrosa hepatis [NA];
Morgagni's a. pyramidal lobe of thyroid gland
a. tes´tis [NA] testicular appendage
a. of the testis testicular appendage
a. ventric´uli laryn´gis saccule of larynx
vermiform a. a wormlike intestinal diverticulum extending from the blind end of the cecum; it varies in length and ends in a blind extremity.a. vermiformis [NA] , a. ceci, processus vermiformis, vermiform appendage, vermiform process, vermix;
a. vermifor´mis [NA] vermiform a
vesicular appendices of uterine tube a small fluid-filled cyst attached by a slender stalk to the fimbriated end of the uterine tube; a vestigial remnant of the embryonic mesonephric duct.a. vesiculosa [NA] , Morgagni's hydatid, morgagnian cyst, stalked hydatid, vesicular appendage;
a. vesiculo´sa , pl. appen´dices vesiculo´sae [NA] vesicular appendices of uterine tube


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