appliance (a-plI´ans)

A device used to provide function to a part, or for therapeutic purposes. [fr, O. Fr. aplier, to apply, fr. L. applico, to fold together]
craniofacial a. a device used to immobilize and/or reduce mandibular or midfacial fractures. See also fixation.
edgewise a. a fixed, multibanded orthodontic a. using an attachment bracket the slot of which receives a rectangular archwire horizontally, which gives precise control of tooth movement in all three planes of space.
extraoral fracture a. a device used for extraoral reduction and fixation of maxillary or mandibular fractures, in which pins, clamps, or screws interjoined with metal or acrylic connectors are used to align the fractured segments. See also external pin fixation.
Hawley a. Hawley retainer
intraoral fracture a. a metal or acrylic device attached to the teeth with wire or cement; used to immobilize fractures of the maxilla and mandible.
labiolingual a. an orthodontic a. that consists of a maxillary labial arch wire and a mandibular lingual arch wire.
light wire a. an orthodontic a. utilizing small gauge labial wires with expansion and contraction loops formed into it and attached to bands fitted to individual teeth; sometimes called Begg light wire differential force technique.
obturator a. an a. used to obliterate congenital or acquired defects of the jaws and surrounding structures, usually made of acrylic or rubber.
orthodontic a. a mechanism for the application of pressure to the teeth and their supporting tissues to produce changes in the relationship of the teeth and/or the related osseous structures.
ribbon arch a. an a. consisting of a rectangular wire inserted into a specially designed bracket attached to the labial and buccal surfaces of the teeth.
Roger-Anderson pin fixation a. an a. used in extraoral fixation of mandibular fractures and prognathic corrections in which pins placed in the bone segments are joined by metal connecting rods. See also external pin fixation.
surgical a. a metal or plastic a. constructed prior to surgery and used to immobilize or support mucosal, skin, bone, or bone marrow grafts during the postoperative phase.
universal a. a combination of the edgewise and ribbon arch a. techniques, affording precise control of individual teeth in all planes of space.


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