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aqueduct (ak´we-dukt)

A conduit or canal.aqueductus [NA]; [L. aquaeductus]
cerebral a. an ependymal-lined canal in the mesencephalon about 20 mm long, connecting the third to the fourth ventricle.aqueductus cerebri [NA] , a. of cerebrum, aqueductus sylvii, iter a tertio ad quartum ventriculum, sylvian a;
a. of cerebrum cerebral a
cochlear a. perilymphatic duct
Cotunnius' a. a. of vestibule
fallopian a. facial canal
sylvian a. cerebral a
a. of vestibule a bony canal running from the vestibule and opening on the posterior surface of the petrous portion of the temporal bone, giving passage to the endolymphatic duct and a small vein.aqueductus cotunnii, aqueductus vestibuli, Cotunnius' a., Cotunnius' canal;


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