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phosphate (fos´fat)

A salt or ester of phosphoric acid. For individual p.'s not listed here, see under the name of the base.
bone p. tribasic calcium phosphate
codeine p. a water-soluble salt of codeine often used in the pharmaceutical preparation of codeine-containing liquid medications.
cyclic p. adenosine 3´,5´-cyclic monophosphate
dihydrogen p. one-third-neutralized phosphoric acid; e.g., NaH2PO4, KH2PO4.
disodium p. na2HPO4.
energy-rich p.'s high energy p.'s
high energy p.'s those p.'s that, on hydrolysis, yield an unusually large amount of energy; e.g., nucleotide polyphosphates such as ATP, enol p.'s such as phosphoenolpyruvate. See also high energy compounds, under p.'s;
inorganic p. inorganic orthophosphate
monopotassium p. KH2PO4;a dihydrogen p. used as a reagent; commonly used in buffers.
monosodium p. NaH2PO4;a dihydrogen p. used as a reagent; commonly used in buffers.
normal p. a salt of phosphoric acid in which all the hydrogen atoms are displaced; e.g., Na3PO4, Na4P2O7.
organic p. an ester of phosphoric acid; e.g., glycerol p., adenosine p., hexose p.
triple p. 1. magnesium ammonium p., MgNH4PO4; 2. a crude phosphate fertilizer product from phosphate rock and phosphoric acid.
trisodium p. Na3PO4;used to emulsify fats, oil, and grease; an irritant.


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