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phosphoric acid

phosphoric acid (fos-for´ik)

O=P(OH)3; Orthophosphoric acid;a strong acid of industrial importance; m.p. 42.35°C; dilute solutions have been used as urinary acidifiers and as dressings to remove necrotic debris. In dentistry, it comprises about 60% of the liquid used in zinc phosphate and silicate cements; solutions are used for conditioning enamel surfaces prior to applications of various types of resins.
cyclic p.a. 1. in general, a linear polymer of phosphoric acid residues in pyrophosphate linkage in which the a and omega residues are similarly linked to make one endless loop or cyclic compound; 2. specifically, a generic term applied to compounds in which one phosphoric acid residue is esterified to two hydroxyl groups of a single carbon chain, as in adenosine 3´,5´-phosphoric acid, adenosine 2´,3´-phosphoric acid, etc.
dilute p.a. a solvent containing 10% H3PO4.
glacial p.a. (HPO3)n;an anhydride of phosphoric acid used as a reagent, and in the manufacture of zinc oxyphosphate cement for dentistry.metaphosphoric acid;


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