pituitary (pi-tu´i-tar-e)

Relating to the pituitary gland (hypophysis).pituitarium; [L. pituita]
anterior p. the dried, partially defatted, and powdered anterior lobe of the p. gland of cattle, sheep, or swine; now rarely used therapeutically.
desiccated p. posterior p
pharyngeal p. the embryonic remnant of the oral end of Rathke's pouch that is cut off from the adenohypophysis by the developing sphenoid bone; composed chiefly of chromophobes and, under normal conditions, considered physiologically inactive. See hypophysis.
posterior p. the cleaned, dried, and powdered posterior lobe obtained from the p. body of domestic animals used for food by humans; an oxytocic, vasoconstrictor, antidiuretic, and a stimulant of intestinal motility.desiccated p., hypophysis sicca;


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