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pityriasis (pit-i-rI´a-sis)

A dermatosis marked by branny desquamation. [G. fr. pityron, bran, dandruff]
p. al´ba patchy hypopigmentation of the skin resulting from mild dermatitis.
p. al´ba atroph´icans a scaling condition of the skin followed by atrophy.
p. amianta´cea tinea amiantacea
p. cap´itis dandruff
p. circina´ta p. rosea
p. lichenoi´des a self-limited skin disorder of children and adults, usually divided into p. lichenoides et varioliformis acuta and p. lichenoides chronica.parapsoriasis guttata;
p. lichenoi´des et variolifor´mis acu´ta (PLEVA) an acute dermatitis affecting children and young adults that runs a relatively mild course and is self-limited, although persistence of lesions and recurrence of attacks are not uncommon; vesicles, papules, and crusted lesions eventually produce smallpox-like scars.Mucha-Habermann disease, Mucha-Habermann syndrome, parapsoriasis lichenoides et varioliformis acuta, parapsoriasis varioliformis;
p. lin´guae geographic tongue
p. macula´ta p. rosea
p. ni´gra tinea nigra
p. ro´sea a self-limited eruption of macules or papules involving the trunk and less frequently extremities, scalp, and face; the lesions are usually oval and follow the crease lines of the skin; the onset is frequently preceded by a single larger scaling lesion known as the herald patch.p. circinata, p. maculata;
p. ru´bra exfoliative dermatitis
p. ru´bra pila´ris an uncommon chronic pruritic eruption of the hair follicles, which become firm, red, surmounted with a horny plug, and often confluent to form scaly plaques; it is most conspicuously noted on the dorsa of the fingers and on the elbows and knees, and is associated with erythema, thickening of the palms and soles, and opaque thickening of the nails.
p. sic´ca dandruff
p. versic´olor tinea versicolor


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