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plasmid (plaz´mid)

A genetic particle physically separate from the chromosome of the host cell (chiefly bacterial) that can stably function and replicate; not essential to the cell's basic functioning.extrachromosomal element, extrachromosomal genetic element, paragene; [cytoplasm + -id]
bacteriocinogenic p.'s bacterial p.'s responsible for the elaboration of bacteriocins.bacteriocin factors, bacteriocinogens;
conjugative p. a p. that can effect its own intercellular transfer by means of conjugation; this transfer is accomplished by a bacterium being rendered a donor, usually with specialized pili.infectious p., transmissible p;
F p. the prototype conjugative p. associated with conjugation in the K-12 strain of Escherichia coli.F agent, F factor, F genote, F-genote, fertility agent, fertility factor, sex factor;
infectious p. conjugative p
nonconjugative p. a p. that cannot effect conjugation and self-transfer to another bacterium (bacterial strain); transfer depends upon mediation of another (and conjugative) p.
R p.'s resistance p.'s
resistance p.'s p.'s carrying genes responsible for antibiotic (or antibacterial drug) resistance among bacteria (notably Enterobacteriaceae); they may be conjugative or nonconjugative p.'s, the former possessing transfer genes (resistance transfer factor) lacking in the latter.R factors, R p.'s, resistance factors, resistance-transferring episomes;
transmissible p. conjugative p


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