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plica, gen and pl. plicae (plI´ka, plI´se)

1. [NA] One of several anatomical structures in which there is a folding over of the parts. 2. false membrane See also fold. [Mod. L. a plait or fold]
pli´cae adipo´sae lobules of fat enveloped in the pleura, chiefly in the neighborhood of the costomediastinal sinus.adipose folds of the pleura;
pli´cae ala´res [NA] alar folds, under fold
pli´cae ampulla´res tu´bae uteri´nae ampullary folds of uterine tube, under fold
p. aryepiglot´tica [NA] aryepiglottic fold
p. axilla´ris axillary fold
pli´cae ceca´les [NA] cecal folds, under fold
p. ceca´lis vascula´ris [NA] vascular fold of the cecum
p. chor´dae tym´pani [NA] fold of chorda tympani
p. choroi´dea in the embryo, an infolding of the chorion from which the choroid plexus develops.
pli´cae cilia´res [NA] ciliary folds, under fold
pli´cae circula´res [NA] the numerous folds of the mucous membrane of the small intestine, running transversely for about two-thirds of the circumference of the gut.circular folds, Kerckring's folds, Kerckring's valves, valvulae conniventes;
p. duodena´lis infe´rior [NA] inferior duodenal fold
p. duodena´lis supe´rior [NA] superior duodenal fold
p. duodenojejuna´lis [NA] * official alternate term for superior duodenal fold
p. duodenomesocol´ica [NA] * official alternate term for inferior duodenal fold
p. epigas´trica lateral umbilical fold
pli´cae epiglot´tica epiglottic folds, under fold
p. fimbria´ta [NA] one of several folds running outward from the frenulum on the undersurface of the tongue.fimbriated fold;
pli´cae gas´tricae [NA] rugae of stomach, under ruga
pli´cae gastropancreat´icae [NA] gastropancreatic folds, under fold
p. glossoepiglot´tica latera´lis [NA] lateral glossoepiglottic fold
p. glossoepiglot´tica media´na [NA] median glossoepiglottic fold
p. guberna´trix genitoinguinal ligament
p. hypogas´trica medial umbilical fold
p. ileoceca´lis [NA] ileocecal fold
p. incu´dis [NA] incudal fold
p. inguina´lis an embryonic mesodermal thickening that joins the caudal end of the urogenital ridge to the anterior abdominal wall; the gubernaculum of the testis develops in it.inguinal fold;
p. interdigita´lis web of fingers/toes
p. interureter´ica [NA] interureteric fold
pli´cae ir´idis [NA] folds of iris, under fold
p. lacrima´lis [NA] lacrimal fold
p. longitudina´lis duode´ni [NA] longitudinal fold of duodenum
p. luna´ta p. semilunaris conjunctivae
p. mallea´ris [NA] mallear fold
p. membra´nae tym´pani mallear fold
p. ner´vi laryn´gei [NA] fold of superior laryngeal nerve
p. palati´na transver´sa [NA] transverse palatine fold
pli´cae palma´tae [NA] palmate folds, under fold
p. palpebronasa´lis [NA] epicanthal fold
p. paraduodena´lis [NA] paraduodenal fold
pli´cae rec´ti transverse rectal folds, under fold
p. rectouteri´na [NA] sacrouterine fold
p. rectovagina´lis sacrovaginal fold
p. salpingopalatin´a [NA] salpingopalatine fold
p. salpingopharyn´gea [NA] salpingopharyngeal fold
p. semiluna´ris [NA] semilunar fold
p. semiluna´ris of colon [NA] one of the folds of the wall of the colon between sacculations.p. sigmoidea, semilunar fold of colon;
p. semiluna´ris conjuncti´vae 1. [NA] the semilunar fold formed by the palpebral conjunctiva at the medial angle of the eye; 2. a fold of the conjunctival mucous membrane found in many animals; normally partially hidden in the medial canthus of the eye when at rest, it may be extended to cover part or all of the cornea in a winking-like action to clean the cornea, as in birds.membrana nictitans, nictitating membrane, palpebra III, palpebra tertia, third eyelid; p. lunata, p. semilunaris of eye, semilunar conjunctival fold;
p. semilunaris of eye p. semilunaris conjunctivae
p. sigmoi´dea p. semilunaris of colon
p. spira´lis duc´tus cys´tici [NA] spiral fold of cystic duct
p. stape´dis [NA] stapedial fold
p. sublingua´lis [NA] sublingual fold
p. synovia´lis [NA] synovial fold
p. synovia´lis infrapatella´ris [NA] infrapatellar synovial fold
p. synovia´lis patella´ris infrapatellar synovial fold
pli´cae transversa´les rec´ti [NA] transverse rectal folds, under fold
p. triangula´ris [NA] triangular fold
pli´cae tuba´riae tu´bae uteri´nae [NA] tubal folds of uterine tubes, under fold
p. tubopalati´na salpingopalatine fold
pli´cae tu´nicae muco´sae vesi´cae fel´leae [NA] mucosal folds of gallbladder, under fold
p. umbilica´lis latera´lis [NA] lateral umbilical fold
p. umbilica´lis me´dia median umbilical fold
p. umbilica´lis media´lis [NA] medial umbilical fold
p. umbilica´lis media´na [NA] median umbilical fold
p. ura´chi median umbilical fold
p. ureter´ica interureteric fold
p. uterovesica´lis uterovesical ligament
p. ve´nae ca´vae sinis´trae [NA] fold of left vena cava
p. ventricula´ris vestibular fold
p. vesica´lis transver´sa [NA] transverse vesical fold
p. vesicouteri´na uterovesical ligament
p. vestibula´ris [NA] vestibular fold
p. vestib´uli a fold of mucous membrane forming a ridge on the septum of the nose.
p. villo´sa [NA] one of the ridges of the mucous membrane of the stomach in the region of the pylorus.
p. voca´lis [NA] vocal fold


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