plug (plug)

Any mass filling a hole or closing an orifice.
Dittrich's p.'s minute, dirty-grayish, ill-smelling masses of bacteria and fatty acid crystals in the sputum in pulmonary gangrene and fetid bronchitis.Traube's p.'s;
epithelial p. a mass of epithelial cells temporarily occluding an embryonic opening; the term is most commonly used with reference to the external nares.
laminated epithelial p. keratosis obturans
mucous p. a mass of mucus and cells filling the cervical canal between periods or during pregnancy; a mass of mucous occluding a main or lobar bronchus.
Traube's p.'s Dittrich's p.'s
vaginal p. a p. formed by the coagulation of semen; found in the vagina after copulation in certain animals, such as the baboon, rat, and squirrel.


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