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poison (poy´zun)

Any substance, either taken internally or applied externally, that is injurious to health or dangerous to life. [Fr., fr. L. potio, potion, draught]
acrid p. a p. that causes a destructive local irritation as well as systemic effects.
arrow p. 1. curare 2. any natural toxin used for coating arrows, spears, and darts (e.g., extracts containing aconitin, ouabain, cardiac glycosides, batrachotoxin, curare, etc.).
fish p. 1. ichthyotoxicon 2. fugu p
fugu p. (fu´gu) a p. in the roe and other parts of various species of Diodon, Triodon, and Tetradon, fishes of eastern Asiatic p. (2); [Jap. fugu, a poisonous fish]
respiratory p. respiratory inhibitor


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