polypeptide (pol-e-pep´tId)

A peptide formed by the union of an indefinite (usually large) number of amino acids by peptide links (-NH-CO-).
gastric inhibitory p. (GIP) a peptide hormone, secreted by the stomach, that stimulates insulin release as part of the digestive process; GIP inhibits the secretion of acids and of pepsin.gastric inhibitory peptide;
pancreatic p. 1. a 36-amino acid peptide secreted by islet cells of the pancreas in response to a meal and of uncertain physiologic function; 2. a family of gastrointestinal peptides, which includes pancreatic polypeptide, neuropeptide Y, and peptide YY.
trefoil p. a group of p.'s that share the trefoil moiety of a highly stable three-loop structure held together by disulfide bonds based on cysteine residues; they are widely expressed in gastrointestinal tissues and secreted by mucous cells; their functions are as yet unknown.
vasoactive intestinal p. (VIP) a p. hormone secreted most commonly by non-beta islet cell tumors of the pancreas, producing copious watery diarrhea and fecal electrolyte loss, particularly hypokalemia; VIP increases the rates of glycogenolysis; stimulates pancreatic bicarbonate secretion.vasoactive intestinal peptide;


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