pore (por)

1. An opening, hole, perforation, or foramen. A pore, meatus, or foramen. 2. sweat p [G. poros, passageway]
dilated p. an enlarged follicular opening of the skin, with a keratinous plug and occasional lanugo or mature hair.acquired trichoepithelioma;
external acoustic p. , external auditory p. opening of external acoustic meatus
gustatory p. the minute opening of a taste bud on the surface of the oral mucosa through which the gustatory hairs of the specialized neuroepithelial gustatory cells project.porus gustatorius [NA], taste p;
interalveolar p.'s openings in the interalveolar septa of the lung.Kohn's p.'s;
internal acoustic p. , auditory p. opening of internal acoustic meatus
Kohn's p.'s interalveolar p.'s
nuclear p. an octagonal opening, about 70 nm across, where the inner and outer membranes of the nuclear envelope are continuous.
skin p. sweat p
slit p.'s the intercellular clefts between the interdigitating pedicels of podocytes; they are part of the filtration barrier of renal corpuscles.filtration slits;
sweat p. the surface opening of the duct of a sweat gland.porus sudoriferus [NA], porus [NA], pore (2), skin p;
taste p. gustatory p


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