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procedure (pro-se´jur)

Act or conduct of diagnosis, treatment, or operation. See also method, operation, technique.
Belsey Mark IV p. a transthoracic hiatal hernia repair that restores the lower esophageal sphincter zone to the high pressure region below the diaphragm.
Belsey Mark V p. a modified Belsey Mark IV p. often employing pledgetted sutures performed for patients with hiatal hernia plus disordered esophageal motility in whom an esophageal myotomy is also needed.
Chamberlain p. a limited left anterior thoracostomy for biopsy of the mediastinal nodes out of reach by cervical mediastinoscopy.anterior mediastinotomy;
Clagett p. for empyema a two-stage surgical p. for expediting treatment of chronic empyema.
Collis-Belsey p. a surgical method of treating esophageal structure by creation of a neoesophagus and a fundoplication antireflux p.
commando p. an operation for malignant tumors of the floor of the oral cavity, involving resection of portions of the mandible in continuity with the oral lesion and radical neck dissection.commando operation;
Damus-Kaye-Stancel p. a p. for subaortic stenosis, entails the creation of an end-to-side pulmonary trunk/aortic anastomosis, performed along with a Fontan p., particularly for patients with a double inlet left ventricle.Damus-Stancel-Kaye anastomosis;
dideoxy p. (di´de-oks-e) an enzymatic procedure for sequencing of DNA employing dideoxy nucleotides as chain terminators. See Sanger method.
Dor p. Jatene p
Eloesser p. transposition of a tonguelike pedicled skin flap from the chest wall into the depths of an incision that communicates with an empyema or peripheral lung abscess; used to prevent scar closure of the tract to insure long-term mandatory dependent drainage.
endorectal pull-through p. removal of diseased rectal mucosa along with resection of the lower bowel, followed by anastomosis of the proximal stump to the anus, in order to spare rectal muscle function.
Ewart's p. elevation of the larynx between the thumb and forefinger to elicit tracheal tugging.
Fontan p. placement of a conduit (usually valved) from the right atrium to the main pulmonary artery as a bypass to a hypoplastic right ventricle, as in tricuspid atresia.Fontan operation;
Girdlestone p. complete resection or excision of the head and neck of the femur.
Jatene p. a method of repairing congenital tunnel-type subaortic stenosis and narrowing of the left ventricular-aortic junction by aortoventriculoplasty and prosthetic valve replacement.Dor p;
Konno p. a method of repairing congenital tunnel-type subaortic stenosis and narrowing of the left ventricular-aortic junction by aortoventriculoplasty and prosthetic valve replacement.
Konno-Rastan p. an aortoventriculoplasty used to enlarge the aortic annular size, especially when subaortic fibromuscular stenosis is present.
loop electrocautery excision p. (LEEP) electrocautery excisional biopsy of abnormal cervical tissue.
Mustard p. Mustard operation
Nick's p. enlarges the aortic annulus by incising the noncoronary sinus and the roof of the left atrium.
Noble-Collip p. obsolete p. in which shock in rats is induced by rotating them in a drum.
Norwood p. a complex p. designed to treat aortic atresia with hypoplastic left heart syndrome; sometimes performed in two stages.
Puestow p. longitudinal pancreaticojejunostomy for treatment of chronic pancreatitis.
push-back p. a surgical maneuver designed to reposition the soft palate posteriorly and reestablish velopharyngeal competence.
Putti-Platt p. Putti-Platt operation
Rittenhouse-Manogian p. enlarges the aortic annulus by incising the left coronary-noncoronary commissure down unto the anterior leaflet of the mitral valve.
shelf p. insertion of a graft from the ilium into the roof of the acetabulum for congenital dislocation of the hip.
Snow p. autoaugmentation
Stanley Way p. a radical vulvectomy.
Sugiura p. esophageal transection with paraesophageal devascularization, for esophageal varices.
Thal p. correction of a benign stricturing of the lower esophagus in which the narrowed area is opened to full-thickness longitudinally and the adjacent external gastric wall is patch sutured over this defect to restore luminal circumference and continuity.
Vineberg p. implantation of the internal mammary artery into the myocardium to improve blood flow to the heart.
V-Y p. V-Y flap
W p. W-plasty
Z p. Z-plasty


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