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processus, pl. processus (pro-ses´us) [NA]

process (1) [L. see process]
p. accesso´rius [NA] accessory process
p. alveola´ris [NA] alveolar process See also alveolar bone (2).
p. ante´rior mal´lei [NA] anterior process of malleus
p. articula´ris [NA] articular process
p. articula´ris supe´rior os´sis sa´cri [NA] superior articular process of sacrum
p. ascen´dens an upward extension of the embryonic pterygoquadrate cartilage; it develops into the greater wing of the sphenoid bone.ascending process;
p. bre´vis lateral process of malleus
p. calca´neus os´sis cuboi´dei [NA] calcaneal process of cuboid bone
p. cauda´tus [NA] caudate process
p. cilia´ris [NA] ciliary process
p. clinoi´deus [NA] clinoid process
p. cochlearifor´mis [NA] a bony angular process (the termination of the septum of the auditory tube) above the anterior end of the vestibular window, forming a pulley over which the tendon of the tensor tympani muscle plays.cochleariform process, p. trochleariformis;
p. condyla´ris [NA] condylar process
p. coracoi´deus [NA] coracoid process
p. coronoi´deus [NA] coronoid process
p. costa´lis [NA] costal process
p. ethmoida´lis [NA] ethmoidal process
p. falcifor´mis [NA] falciform process
p. ferrei´ni medullary ray
p. fronta´lis maxil´lae frontal process of maxilla
p. fronta´lis os´sis zygomat´ici frontal process of zygomatic bone
p. grac´ilis anterior process of malleus
p. intrajugula´ris [NA] intrajugular process
p. jugula´ris [NA] jugular process
p. lacrima´lis [NA] lacrimal process
p. latera´lis mal´lei [NA] lateral process of malleus
p. latera´lis ta´li [NA] lateral process of talus
p. latera´lis tu´beris calca´nei [NA] lateral process of calcaneal tuberosity
p. lenticula´ris incu´dis [NA] lenticular process of incus
p. mamilla´ris [NA] mamillary process
p. mastoi´deus [NA] mastoid process
p. maxilla´ris [NA] maxillary process
p. media´lis tu´beris calca´nei [NA] medial process of calcaneal tuberosity
p. muscula´ris cartila´ginis arytenoi´dei [NA] muscular process of arytenoid cartilage
p. orbita´lis [NA] orbital process
p. palati´nus [NA] palatine process
p. papilla´ris [NA] papillary process
p. paramastoi´deus [NA] paramastoid process
p. poste´rior cartila´ginis sep´ti na´si [NA] posterior process of septal cartilage
p. poste´rior ta´li [NA] posterior process of talus
p. pterygoi´deus [NA] pterygoid process
p. pterygospino´sus [NA] pterygospinous process
p. pyramida´lis [NA] pyramidal process
p. ra´vii anterior process of malleus
p. retromandibula´ris retromandibular process of parotid gland
p. retromandibula´ris glan´dulae paroti´dis retromandibular process of parotid gland
p. sphenoida´lis [NA] sphenoid process of palatine bone
p. sphenoida´lis cartila´ginis sep´ti na´si posterior process of septal cartilage
p. spino´sus [NA] sphenoidal spine
p. styloi´deus os´sis metacarpa´lis III [NA] styloid process of third metacarpal bone
p. styloi´deus os´sis tempora´lis [NA] styloid process of temporal bone
p. styloi´deus ra´dii [NA] styloid process of radius
p. styloi´deus ul´nae [NA] styloid process of ulna
p. supraepicondyla´ris hu´meri [NA] supracondylar process
p. tempora´lis [NA] temporal process
p. transver´sus [NA] transverse process
p. trochleariform´is p. cochleariformis
p. trochlea´ris peroneal trochlea of calcaneus
p. uncina´tus os´sis ethmoida´lis [NA] uncinate process of ethmoid bone
p. uncina´tus pancrea´tis [NA] uncinate process of pancreas
p. vagina´lis os´sis sphenoida´lis [NA] vaginal process of sphenoid bone
p. vagina´lis peritone´i p. vaginalis of peritoneum
p. vaginalis of peritoneum a peritoneal diverticulum in the embryonic lower anterior abdominal wall that traverses the inguinal canal; in the male it forms the tunica vaginalis testis and normally loses its connection with the peritoneal cavity; a persistent p. vaginalis in the female is known as the canal of Nuck.Nuck's diverticulum, p. vaginalis peritonei, vaginal process of peritoneum, vaginal process of testis;
p. vermifor´mis vermiform appendix
p. voca´lis cartila´ginis arytenoi´dei [NA] vocal process of arytenoid cartilage
p. xiphoi´deus [NA] xiphoid process
p. zygomat´icus maxil´lae zygomatic process of maxilla
p. zygomat´icus os´sis fronta´lis zygomatic process of frontal bone
p. zygomat´icus os´sis tempora´lis zygomatic process of temporal bone


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