projection (pro-jek´shun)

1. A pushing out; an outgrowth or protuberance. 2. The referring of a sensation to the object producing it. 3. A defense mechanism by which a repressed complex in the individual is denied and conceived as belonging to another person, as when faults which the person tends to commit are perceived in or attributed to others. 4. The conception by the consciousness of a mental occurrence belonging to the self as of external origin. 5. Localization of visual impressions in space. 6. In neuroanatomy, the system or systems of nerve fibers by which a group of nerve cells discharges its nerve impulses ("projects") to one or more other cell groups. 7. The image of a three dimensional object on a plane; as in a radiograph. 8. In radiography, standardized views of parts of the body, described by body part position, the direction of the x-ray beam through the body part, or by eponym.salient (1), view; [L. projectio; fr. pro- jicio, pp. -jectus, to throw before]
anteroposterior p. AP p
AP p. the alternative frontal radiographic p., used mainly in bedside or portable radiography.anteroposterior p;
apical lordotic p. backprojection
axial p. radiographic p. devised to obtain direct visualization of the base of the skull.axial view, base p., submental vertex p., submentovertical p., verticosubmental view;
base p. axial p
Caldwell p. inclined PA radiographic p. devised to permit visualization of orbital structures unobstructed by the petrous ridges.Caldwell view;
cross-table lateral p. lateral p. radiography of a supine subject using a horizontal x-ray beam.
enamel p. extension of enamel into furcation.
erroneous p. false p
false p. the faulty visual sensation arising secondarily to underaction of an ocular muscle.erroneous p;
Fischer p. See sugars.
frog-leg lateral p. a lateral p. of the femoral neck made with the thigh maximally abducted.
Granger p. g. view, reversed half-axial view; uncommonly used PA view of the skull.
half-axial p. Towne p
Haworth p. See sugars.
lateral p. radiographic p. with the x-ray beam in a coronal plane.
oblique p. any radiographic p. between frontal and lateral.
occipitomental p. Waters' p
PA p. the standard frontal chest film p.; radiographic skull p. with the petrous ridge superimposed on the orbits.posteroanterior p;
posteroanterior p. PA p
Rhese p. oblique radiographic view of the skull to show the optic foramen.
Stenvers p. oblique radiographic p. of the skull devised to provide an unobstructed view of the petrous bone, bony labyrinth, internal auditory canal, and meatus.Stenvers view;
submental vertex p. axial p
submentovertical p. axial p
Towne p. reverse tilted AP radiographic p. devised to permit demonstration of the entire occipital bone, foramen magnum, and dorsum sellae, as well as the petrous ridges.half axial view, half-axial p., Towne view;
visual p. a perceptual synthesis involving visual mechanisms.
Waters' p. a PA radiographic view of the skull made with the orbitomeatal line at an angle of 37° from the plane of the film, to show the orbits and maxillary sinuses.occipitomental p., Waters' view;


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